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All pre-license courses now include live training with Georgia’s top brokers!

Select your pre-licensing course and increase your chances to pass the state exam on the first try while building connections within the real estate industry.

Our Success Through Learning Ultimate course package supplements our 75-hour GREC-approved course with live, in-person training plus the best additional learning tools we have available. With these additional tools, you will be fully prepared to pass the state licensing exam while building valuable connections with brokers in your community. All items will be automatically added at checkout and you will be able to select a date for your broker session.

In-Person training “A House’s Story” – Live Success Through Learning Exam Prep course provided by local brokers throughout the state. Covers the most important topics on the state licensing exam by reviewing how a house gets sold from beginning to end. Build connections with brokers at some of Georgia’s top firms while they share real-life examples to help you prep for the state licensing exam.
TestPrep Online Exam Simulator – Take practice exams or study over 1,100 practice questions by category. No limit to how often you can take a practice exam. Never generates the same exam twice. Helps you prepare for the Georgia Real Estate exam by providing explanations for the questions answered incorrectly and evaluating your knowledge in each exam category.
Learning Through Questions – On-demand video designed to further prepare you for the Georgia Real Estate Exam. Presents exam-type questions, allows you to stop the video and answer the question, then provides an instructor’s explanation of the answer and how to solve the question. Also presents tips on how to take the state real estate exam and answer exam questions. Includes an entire section on real estate math questions.
Online Real Estate Flashcards – 500 of the most common real estate terms and phrases presented in an online flashcard format. Use this tool to test your knowledge and learn the terminology of real estate.
Principles of Real Estate textbook – National and Georgia real estate license law and the rules and regulations of the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Includes a real estate math appendix and a reference glossary. This textbook provides the foundation for becoming a real estate salesperson. (325 pages) *shipping added at checkout
*Textbook is included in tuition cost for Classroom and Webinar students.Self-Study students have the option of purchasing it separately.

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Valuable Support Tools

“As a teacher, I recognized the value of the support tools Barney Fletcher offers, but I had no idea they would be of such high quality.  I passed my test on the first try. I really connected with my Broker instructor and I‘m now an agent at his firm!” 

~Thomas A, Marietta, GA

In-person coaching was a game changer

My Success Through Learning instructor gets a 10 out of 10! I knew the textbook inside and out, but this experience really helped bring the lessons to life with real-world stories. To have that in-person coaching versus just having the webinar was a game changer!

~ Diamond L., College Park, GA

Really connected with broker instructor, now an agent at his firm!

Taking the online pre-licensing course at home while having an in-person instructor, who drove home the lessons I was reading that day, was perfect. He re-emphasized all the most important points from the materials and I passed my test on the first try. I really connected with my Broker instructor and I‘m now an agent at his firm!

~ Michael A., Marietta, GA

Passed on the first try!

My daughter and I researched Real Estate Schools and finally decided to go to Barney Fletcher.  The online prelicense program was thorough but taking in-person training with a local broker was very beneficial and helped us network locally as well.  I passed the school test as well as the state exam on the first try and landed a job right away!

~ Sharon H., Cumming, GA